got stuck while flashing the tx1 board

I’m a new learner in this field. I encountered this problem while flashing the tx1 borad, I started installing jetpack as the same as the user guide, the installation seems normal, and I left it in my office and went home(the computer didn’t go to sleep mode). However, when I look at it this morning, I found the installation stucked in here:
[ 5.0100]Writing partition NVC with nvboot.bin.encrypt
[ 7.7178][…] 100%
[ 7.8513]Writing partition APP with system.img
[ 7.9399][… ] 016%
could anyone help? thanks very much

I retried and this time I stuck in 26%
guess there is a problem of communicating between my pc and NVIDIA device.
when use lsusb command in ubuntu terminal, there truely is:
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0955:7721 NVidia Corp.

who knows where the problem is?

Did you use the latest JetPack 3.0 to install with Ubuntu 14.04 host PC?
Could you try another USB port or cable?

Install guide:

Thanks a lot.
I used JetPack 3.0 & Ubuntu 16.04.2(not 14.04 version), does it matters?
I have already changed my virtual host to Ubuntu 14.04.5, and I want to know, is it neccessary to connect the NVIDIA device to my Router via a Ethernet cable?

The JetPack installer requires Ubuntu 14.04 x64 on your host PC, and 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 should be supported.
For full installation of JetPack, it’s necessary an Ethernet cable plugged into the TX1 on-board Ethernet port, which is the same network router providing internet access for the Linux host.

Please refer to install guide as well,thanks.

People have had a lot of trouble with a VM host. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. For those with knowledge of the VM adjustments to the USB port might get past the problem (I don’t know what those adjustments are, but typically something like increased USB buffer allocated and making sure the USB2 mode is set instead of USB3).