GP100 - Cuda 9.2 drivers installer Failed


I am trying to install Cuda 9.2 compatible drivers for a Quadro GP100 on Windows 7 but the installer fails with the error: “NVIDIA Installer failed” and no more information.
I tried with the toolkit installer (, I tried with the drivers standalone installer ( checking the “perform clean installation”, I tried this solution, I tried and retried install/deinstall many times, … and I am still getting this “NVIDIA Installer failed” message …

I tried to get some log but running

setup.exe -log "C:\path\that\exists" -loglevel:6

from the extract folder does not even launch the installer.

The Cuda 9.2 toolkit installer works fine and install the drivers on other Windows 7 desktops with K20c or GTX Titan Black GPUs.
Installation of Cuda 9.1 drivers works fine. So, is there a problem with the combo GP100 - w7 - Cuda 9.2 ?

My config:

  • Windows 7 Entreprise SP1 - 64bit
  • Quadro GP100
  • Cuda 9.2

Thanks for your help,
Guillaume A.

Can you share snapshots with us? You can send pictures to for file exchange.
By the way, could you try delete C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2 and then try to install once again and see if it is still an open issue for you?

Hello Fancy, thanks for your answer.
I am sorry but I already solved the problem: I reinstalled Windows! :)

Guillaume A.