GP100 Host System Questions


I’m speccing out a system to host existing 2x GP100 cards for heavy GPU rendering. First of all I was wondering what is the best low-cost/low-profile Quadro card to use for display only along side the dual GP100s in NV Link mode. A NVS310 up to M2000 seem to be good fits, but want to make sure they are compatible before buying something. Is it true the Fermi based NVS310/315 will be EOL soon too? I’ve also heard there might be a way to trick the drivers into accepting a GTX (non-Quadro) card as the display.

Also, are there any known issues running these in an AMD Threadripper (X399 chipset and 1950X cpu) system? I’m pricing out i9 7960X and dual Xeon E5-2678 v3 based workstations as well, but the Threadripper offers the best bang-for-the-buck.



Please try the Quadro P620 card for your display use-case.

Ryan Park


Thanks for the reply. I will check to see if my system builder can provide the P620. I was also curious how the P400 might do in this case.


Hi Mitch,

The P400 is actually not supported for the configuration you are using.

Also, to answer your question about running these in the AMD Threadripper, Quadro boards have not been validated on the Threadripper.

Ryan Park