GP106M Board (ie GTX1010 Notebook?) not detected with kernel 4.9 - nvidia 375.26

On my recent MSI Apache Pro laptop (i7 Skylake+GTX1060), i am not able to install the nvidia driver.
At the end of the compilation phase, i am getting the following error :

[  553.939091] nvidia 0000:01:00.0: enabling device (0000 -> 0003)
[  553.939213] vgaarb: device changed decodes: PCI:0000:01:00.0,olddecodes=none,decodes=none:owns=none
[  553.939240] NVRM: The NVIDIA GPU 0000:01:00.0 (PCI ID: 10de:1c20)
               NVRM: installed in this system is not supported by the 375.26
               NVRM: NVIDIA Linux driver release.  Please see 'Appendix
               NVRM: A - Supported NVIDIA GPU Products' in this release's
               NVRM: README, available on the Linux driver download page
               NVRM: at
[  553.939341] nvidia: probe of 0000:01:00.0 failed with error -1
[  553.939393] nvidia-nvlink: Nvlink Core is being initialized, major device number 245
[  553.939423] NVRM: The NVIDIA probe routine failed for 1 device(s).
[  553.939424] NVRM: None of the NVIDIA graphics adapters were initialized!
[  553.939426] nvidia-nvlink: Unregistered the Nvlink Core, major device number 245

So it looks like the GP106M board is not supported by ths driver. I am correct ?

Should be well supported. The message is just misleading, maybe something is tinkering with power management like bbswitch or noveau not blacklisted. Generate some proper debug log using

I’m encountering the same problem, on an MSI GS43VR (same CPU and GPU as LeRatier).

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04, but with the Liquorix 4.9 kernel and the ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa nvidia-375 driver.

I’m using the Liquorix kernel because with the Xenial kernel, I get a lock up when booting after switching to Intel graphics in nvidia-settings.
I’m using the PPA nvidia driver because nvidia-367 doesn’t support prime offloading and doesn’t build against a 4.9 kernel.

My nvidia-bug-report.log is at and I have uninstalled anything related to Bumblebee and verified that nouveau is not loaded.

Turns out Nvidia does something to disable the Nvidia hardwaree when selecting the Intel prime profile.
So at the moment, you can’t just start using the Nvidia as an offload sink?

It’s gpu-manager which turns off the nvidia gpu when you switch to intel. It comes with ubuntu, not nvidia drivers.
Nvidia-drivers only work as output source, not sink afaik.