GPGPU Conferences

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had good ideas for places to submit research papers to relating to work done in CUDA? I have heard of a few of them out there, but does anyone know of what the best conferences are for GPGPU related work? Thanks!


I would also be interested. You may also need to look @ conferences in particular domain of work (apat from GPU)

Yeah, while there used to be a few GPGPU-specific conferences (GP2 for example), I’d say that GPU computing has now become mainstream to the extent that most papers that use CUDA appear in conferences specific to their domain (imaging processing, molectular dynamics, crypto etc.). And this is a good thing!

I’d second that. Partly. There are a few multi/manycore events next year, see e.g. High Performance Graphics is an event to publish “tools&techniques”. Computing Frontiers has been a venue this year.

Look for application-specific events, that’s my advice. SIAM PP might be worth it, I’ve heard rumours there’ll be something there on CS&E.