GPIO doesn't work?

It’s starting to feel like they had to get the TX2 out, perhaps to get feedback, and perhaps because of internal reasons, and what’s out now, is not actually a fully functional kit.
For example, the CAN drivers aren’t even exposed yet, and, as we’re finding, the GPIO doesn’t yet work right.
I have high hopes for whatever the next release will be!

Separately, I really think someone at NVIDIA who knows about the GPIOs should write up the pipeline from kernel to hardware to board to headers, and document each step. Assuming that knowledge is in the head of one person, and that person knows what an end developer like us would need to know, that shouldn’t take a lot of time. Meanwhile, if those bits are owned by different teams, and the teams are not experienced end developers, and perhaps one or two people no longer work in that department (or at that company) then we’re probably in for a rougher ride …