GPIO getting interrupts at unexpected but regular intervals


I’m currently trying to detect interrupts on GPIO pins and run some logic based on whether or not an interrupt is received. I’m currently listening for interrupts on gpio36 and sending output from gpio38. It seems that when I send signals (brief pulse from HIGH->LOW on gpio38) at a regular interval (~1s), the interrupts function as expected. When I try to test what happens when I do not send any signals from gpio38, pin 36 still receives interrupts at almost exactly 2 second intervals (1990 - 2000ms). Could pin36 be being used for some other purpose besides my GPIO handling? I can’t seem to figure out why that might be or what would be hijacking the signal at such regular intervals.


hello harrisjj4l1,

for the gpio pins, could you point out which pin you’re using? for example, please point out the gpio names.

Hi harrisjj4l1,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the problem?
Any result can be shared?


Hi kayccc,

Sorry for not updating this post. It seems as though the issue stemmed from messy testing. We had some free wires attached to the GPIO pins of the Jetson that were dangling freely. When we removed the extra wires and made sure all of our GPIO circuits were complete, we stopped seeing so much noise.

Thanks for following up.