GPIO I,1 always busy

We are trying to use GPIO I,1 as a simple digital input (gpio keyboard), but this fails, as kernel reports that the pin is busy. Trying to export the pin from user space fails for the same reason.
I checked the device tree and it doesn’t seem to be anyone using the gpio directly.
Any help would be appreciated.

What is result of this pin in the /sys/kernel/debug/gpio node?

Please remember to use sudo so that you can see /sys/kernel/debug node.

The result is:
gpio-65 ( |? ) out hi
What would be the meaning of the “|?” here?

It means this is occupied by some node in the device tree, which does not have a driver name.

I did a quick check and default device tree is using this GPIO inside this file. Check if that is still there on your side.


Found it, removed it, worked like a charm.
Thanks a lot!

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