gpio-keys with PI2 = superlag

I’m trying to configure a push button on running on port I 2 (gpio 66 in linux). The gpio key registers correctly but when I press or release the button it takes circa 1 second to register the two interrupts. I put a small printk in the driver isr to verify it was not lagging somewhere else.
Oddly enough I have two other keys on H 6 and B 2 which work perfectly - also with the printk the interrupt routine fires instantly, whereas with I 2 it just lags.

I’m running kernel 4.4 on 24.2, but unfortunately right now upgrading is not an option.



Can you share the changes you made?



We are not seeing any lag on I.02 pin which is coming from M.2 key E connector (J18) on the CVB.
Though our local setup has kernel-4.9 version with rel-32.
Checked on Jetson-TX1.

As you have mentioned, upgrading kernel is not an option for you now, I would see the change which you have made locally. Please share your changes.

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