GPIO number for spi1_cs1

SPI1_CS1 is GPIO3_PDD.00, It’s not PD.00,

Is there a rule for this type GPIO?


hello felixch,

please access pinmux spreadsheets from download center to review the default configuration.
you may also check Nano J41 Header Pinout for the look-up table of GPIO numbers.

Pinmux speadsheets does not contain gpio number info.

Checked Nano J41 Header Pinout & find out PortDD.0 IS 232.

So, For normal PortA to PortZ , The numer = Port Index * 8 + Bit index.
For PortAA, Port BB… The number = 26*8 + PortNN index * 8 + Bit index
PortDD.0 is 208 + 3 * 8 + 0 = 232.