GPIO numbers and sysfs names changed in Jetpack 5/Linux 5.10

On Linux 5.10 (Jetpack 5), the GPIO numbers and sysfs names are completely different than earlier (I was previously using Linux 4.9). I’m using Xavier AGX.

  1. The GPIO numbers changed. E.g. pin B8 used to be number 437, now it is 454. There doesn’t seem to be any straightforward mapping between the old and new numbers.

  2. The sysfs directory name is now PXX.NN, where XX is 2 or 3 letters and NN is a 2 digit number. E.g. echo 499 > export creates a directory called PZ.07 instead of gpio499. This is the first platform I’ve ever seen that names things this way. I understand that the sysfs interface is deprecated, however it’s still functional, just with (seemingly arbitrary) name changes.

Questions: Is it possible to revert these changes? Why did this change? Will it change again? I am not asking how to map between pins and GPIOs, I can do that through /sys/kernel/debug/gpio and the pinmux spreadsheet.