GPIO on Jetson NX with Fedora

Hello !

I’ve managed to install Fedora operating system using the experimental UEFI firmware successfully. Now, I’m trying to make use of the GPIO interface, however, I don’t see the sysfs GPIO path (/sys/class/gpio). I’m quite new to embedded systems, and I was wondering if this is because the Device Tree binary that I’m loading, does not provide a description for GPIO, and if so, is there any device tree overlay that I can load in order to enable it?

Has anyone tried this?

Thanks in advance!

I have no idea, but will add a comment: The content in “/sys” is a result of drivers, and those files are not real files…they are the driver in RAM. This content would require that (A), the driver be loaded, and (B) any specification required for the driver (such as finding hardware) has to be correct. It is this latter part which a device tree provides. The questions would in part be to find out if the driver is actually loaded. If it is, then the device tree would indeed be the next question. I have no way of suggesting any other debug steps for Fedora.

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