GPIO pinmux

Hey everyone, I’m new here.

I recently purchased a Tx1 for a project and I have several questions regarding GPIO on which I couldn’t find answers.
I will be needing around 30-40 pins for this project. Can all the pins labelled as GPIO in the pinmux datasheet be used as GPIO, despite having a SFIO attached to them? If so, where do I find detailed specifications for these pins? Also, can all these pins handle PWM?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, those pins can be set as GPIO, but the number you need is too many, suggest to use GPIO expanders so as to manage them conveniently. There are already two GPIO expanders, U28 & U29. Most of their pins are for camera/LCD, you can use them for your own purpose if no camera/LCD on your design, and find the detail IO character in their datasheet. As for PWM, GPIOs can output PWM by sw simulating.