GPIO pins 24 and 26 always high when used as inputs


I am trying to use gpio pins 24 and 26 as inputs, but they are always high. When floating they are high, and they stay high when connected to ground. Is there some way to fix this?

hello dwhite,

you would like to control SPI0_CS0/GPIO3_PZ.06 and SPI0_CS1/GPIO3_PZ.07, right?
according to pinmux spreadsheets, it looks these two pins by default configured as input/Int_PU.

Yes, can I use them as a GPIO Input? They are always reading high.

hello dwhite,

because this is by default configure as input/Int_PU. which means its direction as input, initial state as pull-up.
there’s pull-up resistor, may I know what’s your external setup?

I just have it the pins on a breadboard to ground. Set as inputs. Cat value is always giving me a high reading.

hello dwhite,

there’s level shifter, please also check 40-Pin expansion header application note, GPIO Usage Considerations.

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