GPIO Problem on TX2

Hi all,

I made a simple circuit and i am using pins 396 to read an input. The input comes from the 5v rail from the j21 header and what im doing is reading a signal until it reads a low level. I also measured with an oscilloscope that my circuit is behaving properly so the voltage starts around 4.6v which is a high and it takes a certain time to reach a low signal (about 1.7-1.8v) I am polling a read call every 5 seconds

However the results are inconsistent and as follows:
2.5019999999926767;2019-08-08 20:28:11.844987
1.8100000000060845;2019-08-08 20:28:14.355676
2.577000000002272;2019-08-08 20:28:16.876201
241.72900000000652;2019-08-08 20:28:19.628156
0.6740000000036162;2019-08-08 20:28:22.134979
0.41299999999466763;2019-08-08 20:28:24.645707
247.8969999999947;2019-08-08 20:28:27.404727
1.7400000000122873;2019-08-08 20:28:29.918018
1.756999999997788;2019-08-08 20:28:32.434428

the correct time (measured by the oscilloscope) are the 241 and 247 ms readings but somehow the GPIO is reading a low voltage even at 2.5ms where the voltage is actually over 4v

Is there a reason for this behaviour?


hello LeMoth,

may I know which JetPack release you’re working with.
could you please also share the code snippet about how you check the pin status.