GPIO problems

We are using the GPIO on Jetson NX , and we are using this board to detect button is pressed or not. So we are using the pin 32 which is GPIO424 .BTW we have flashed our system ,and pin 32 is used as normal GPIO,not pwm.We use the oscilloscope to see the rising edge and ,the result is as below, we see the rising edge is 400mv , i just want konw is this normal? Because we are now using three GPIOs to do button detection ,when we press GPIO421 sadly, GPIO424 is triggered, it bothers me a lot. Is there any solutions for this? Thanks for listening to my problem!

this is our way of circuit wiring

hello 878961693,

it’s GPIO07/ GPIO3_PR.00, right? may I know which Jetpack release you’re using.
you may check # cat /etc/nv_tegra_release to confirm the release version.

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