Gpio_request not able to access in uboot of jetson tx2 4Gb

I am working on jetson tx2 and trying to read value of some gpios in uboot.

but my gpio request is getting failed but same is passing in kernel.

gpio_request(CARRIER_RESET_GPIO, “carrier_reset_check”);

this gpio request is failing in uboot,how i can read status of a pin in uboot?

please access Tegra X2 Series SoC Technical Reference Manual via download center.
you may also refer to [CHAPTER 8: MULTI-PURPOSE I/O PINS AND PIN MULTIPLEXING (PINMUXING)], please check [8.30 GPIO registers] for the base address to access the pin directly.

how we can directly write to this regsiter in uboot…is there any api there i am using gpio_request and gpio_get_value in uboot.

In kernel i am able to read the register value but not able to read it ,can you please suggest

hello anupam.kumar,

there’s an API you may refer to, gpio_request().

I am not getting success of gpio_request,it is failing

same gpio_request is working fine in TX1 but it is not working in Tx2,do i need to use different api in TX2