GPIO voltage control


I noticed there are a few PWM pins (gpio424, gpio 393 and gpio344) on the GPIO header on AGX Xavier. How can I control the voltage output on those pins? Can I control the voltage output on other non-PWM pins (like gpio417)?

hello nouuata,

may I know what’s the use-case, would you like to have 1.8v, or 3.3v, or something else?

Hi JerryChang,

The use case is light source control. I am using 3.3v output, but I would like to control it similarly to the way arduino works - i.e. 0 to 255 rather than 0 or 1.

Hi nouuata,
GPIO can only output 0/1 values. Voltages on the pins of 40-pin header can be 0V, 1.8V or 3.3V.