GPIO with Python3.4 on Jetson TK1


I am currently working on a project that was designed for a Raspbery Pi that involve image processsing and GPIO interraction with motors. We upgraded the Raspi with a Jetson TK1 but it seems difficult to use the GPIo with Python3.4.

I found the NVIDIA/jetson-gpio repo but it dosen’t seems to support TK1 compatibility.

Do you have any module, package, or workaround that would allow the use of GPIO with Python3.4.


System: Ubuntu 14.04

hello gd7td8w,

there should be lots of efforts for back-porting, according to Jetson.GPIO - Linux for Tegra project page, the supported platforms were: Jetson-TX1, TX2, AGX Xavier, and Nano.

  1. may I have more detail about your use-case.
  2. could you please verify your usage with sysnode controls.
    for example,
# Location of the GPIOs

# Generate gpio220 name
echo 220 > export

# Enable the gpio
echo out > direction && echo 1 > value

Thanks you for your answer.

My use case is the following: I need to control motors with the GPIO and to process real-time video input. The motor part is simple, I only need to generate PWMs, control digital output, and measure digital and analog input (pretty classic GPIO use).

Apparently the GPIO is usable via C and I could write a Python wrapper that uses C commands to serve my purpose but I doubt it would be the best Idea.

I don’t know what sysnode controls are.