GPIOs voltage level on 3rd party carrier board

We are using a 3rd party carrier board for the AGX Xavier, and we asked the manufacturer if they had any GPIO lines on their carrier board. They suggested using I2S3 lines (I2S3_SCLK, I2S3_DOUT, I2S3_DIN, and I2S3_FS) which can be configured as GPIO lines. They said that I2S lines are 3.3V level logic, while corresponding GPIO lines (GPIO3_PA.04 to GPIO3_PA.07) are 1.8V. However, from what I understand from the pinmux configuration template, those lines should be 3.3V no matter the function. The lines are directly connected to the Jetson module, so there’s no level shifting involved. Am I missing something?

I2S3 pins are 3.3V level in module. There is a level shift of 3.3V to 1.8V on the devkit carrier board.

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