GPS capability in ISAAC

I was wondering if there is going to be available GPS based navigation stack for ISAAC differential base for now, in near future ?


We successfully integrate GPS in Isaac. You must set pose robot 2 world in navigation stack in localization. Isaac GridSearchLocalizer and your gps set codelet must work in same node.
Before set pose, gps coordinates we change to metric coordinate system (in our case LKS-92), then to isaac world coordinates.
In our case robot works outside but in closed territory where isaac navigation works well.

Thank you @kaspars.cabs. And your LQRplanner and GlobalPlanner work fine with GPS codelet of yours ?

I put in same node:

“name”: “global_localization”,
“components”: [
“name”: “MessageLedger”,
“type”: “isaac::alice::MessageLedger”
“name”: “Random”,
“type”: “isaac::alice::Random”
“name”: “setgpspos_component”,
“type”: “isaac::clsetgpspos”
“name”: “GridSearchLocalizer”,
“type”: “isaac::flatscan_localization::GridSearchLocalizer”
“disable_automatic_start”: true

Thank you @kaspars.cabs once again. And for GridSearchLocalizer are you spoofing it somehow or you go with initial pose as being set ?

We have intention for a robot to work in a large outside fields with not too many, if any at all, reference points (such as lidar or visual)

Are you using typical GPS sensors or GNSS RTK ?

I don’t worry about initial pose - while dnn loads, it probably made some selection, but then I set coordinates from GPS.
For test I use Waweshare jetbot with added imu and realsense camera and typical gps receiver. For working environement we use agx xavier and some better gps sensor - I don’t know exactly which one - it is connected to robot part, my part is navigation. We have some situation - it works outside in closed area with small amount of reference points (and some points like trees are not marked in maps.
We use gps pose while robot are stopped, than in movement visual odometry + imu + magnetometer. GPS only to check if error is not to big from iodometry (due to environment we can’t use encoder data from wheals).

Thank you @kaspars.cabs. By talking to you i got some ideas how one can do it in outdoor environment.

Could you please share your code with gps added?