GPS L2 Intereference?

We are noticing some interference on the Jetson AGX Xavier in particular on the L2 band. For our application the antenna has to be quite close to the module and cannot be moved. We are not using USB3. Are there some specifications on expected EMI? Suggestions on mitigations?

Thank you!

Please refer to Jetson AGX Xavier Regulatory and Compliance Documents for the RF certs.

Seems a good shielding between GPS antenna and module is necessary.

Thank you for the link. If I understand it correctly the xavier should meet ICES-003 Class B limits. Above 1 Ghz this should correspond to an radiated limit of 54 average/ 74 peak dbuV/m.

What does that mean with respect to the L2 GPS band which is at 1227.60 MHz? How do I interpret these radiated limits?

Any recommendations on how to shield the two?

We don’t have such recommendations as lack of experience of the kind of your design. Hope someone has something can be shared. In general, a safe distance and shielding can should work.

The problem is that “one meter” is much longer than the distance between the module and your antenna. Because the GPU and CPU of the Jetson can work in the gigahertz frequency, there’s likely to be a “fair bit” of emitted radiation in that band when you’re really close to the module.

When it comes to RF shielding, that’s part engineering, part science, and part black art. You can try things like encasing the module in a Faraday cage or foil cage (a fine-grained steel mesh will let airflow through, foil won’t) or a ground ring under the antenna or a low-resistance high-frequency tuned decoupling capacitor (or a few.) But, if it still becomes a problem, you likely need to find an engineer who specializes in RF interference mitigation and let them work on the specific layout you have.