GPT: Partition NOT found !

What is causing these error messages during boot:

[0001.021] Bootloader load address is 0x92c00000, entry address is 0x92c00258
[0001.027] Bootloader downloaded successfully.

[0001.032] GPT: Partition NOT found !
[0001.035] Find Partition via GPT Failed
[0001.039] Find Partition via PT Failed
[0001.042] Error in NvTbootLoadBinary: 0x1 !
[0001.046] Next binary entry address: 0x92c00258
[0001.051] BoardId: 2180
[0001.057] WB0 init successful

System flashed in cboot only mode (no u-boot).
TX1, r28.3, Devkit

Can reflashing the board fix this?

Nope, reflashing does not help.
It seems harmless as the board boots. But message does not look good for production.

Do you mean it is not fatal and you want to remove this warning during the boot process?

Not fatal. Want to understand the cause.

hello DmitriK,

this should not happened by using default JetPack release, and it seems you had system flashed in cboot only mode.
may I have more details about what’s the modification you had done?

No modifications. Standard flash with

sudo USE_UBOOT=0 ./ jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

using official L4T Driver Package (BSP) r28.2 TX1.

I also saw these messages in other posts on this forum.

I see a similar message on R28.x TX1. This seems “normal”. Just speculating, perhaps this is the system detecting something for secure boot which isn’t installed. On the other hand, I use U-Boot (the “USE_UBOOT=0” is not a standard install). If this is about feature detection, then the message wouldn’t care if this is with or without U-Boot.

hello DmitriK,

we did not disable u-boot by default,
please refer to TX1 Boot Flow and also the U-Boot Customization chapter for details.
suggest you have further testing and check if there’re potential bugs.

I am using cboot on purpose.

The question was about error. Specifically:

[0001.042] Error in NvTbootLoadBinary: 0x1 !

What is causing this error?

hello DmitriK,

these error messages cause confusion but it’s no harm.
we had change to update the printing messages as warning messages instead of error messages.

please expect next rel-28 release (i.e. l4t-r28.4) will include the fix.

hello DmitriK,

could you please also setup uart console to gather complete log, for checking which partition is failed.
BTW, since we had update JetPack version to 4.x already.
could you please also confirm the latest release also reproduce the same status?

Hi DmitriK,

We haven’t heard back from you in a couple weeks, so marking this issue closed.
Please open a new forum issue when you are ready and we’ll pick it up there.