GPU-Accelerated Graph Analytics in Python with Numba

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Numba is an open-source just-in-time (JIT) Python compiler that generates native machine code for X86 CPU and CUDA GPU from annotated Python Code. (Mark Harris introduced Numba in the post Numba: High-Performance Python with CUDA Acceleration.) Numba specializes in Python code that makes heavy use of NumPy arrays and loops. In addition to JIT compiling…

Thank you for this great insight into cuda/ python mashup. Is the complete source for the second example available by any chance? Thank you very much.

I have extracted the CPU and GPU random-walk implementations into a Gist:
I have replaced the webgraph with a randomly generated graph so that you don't have to download the massive webgraph to test it out.

Thank you very much, for the model and the fast response.

Please help me. It's urgent.