GPU acceleration XenApp/Windows 2016/Office/IE

Hi everybody,

I’m currently working on a new XenApp 7.14.1 solution for one of our customers with XenServer 7.2 and NVIDIA M10 cards. At the current stage I’m trying to get a sense of the 3D/GPU/HDX performance with a M10-8A vGPU profile assigned to each XenApp server. The XenApp servers are running a Windows Server 2016 image with 4 vCPUs and 48GB RAM. During the performance testing I’ve been using GPU Shark to see which programs/processes use GPU (hardware acceleration). It doesn’t look like either Internet Explorer 11 or Office 2016 is using the GPU at all. I have verified that hardware acceleration is enabled in both IE and Office. Testing has been performed through a published desktop. Does anyone have any input on this? I’m not sure what to expect of the M10 cards (and M10-8A vGPU profile) performance wize to be honest.

  • HP Proliant DL380 Gen9 servers
  • NVIDIA Tesla M10 card
  • GRID Virtual Applications licenses (vApps)
  • M10-8A vGPU profile
  • Windows Server 2016
  • XenServer 7.2
  • XenApp 7.14.1
  • Provisioning Services 7.14
  • NVIDIA vGPU Manager (384.73)
  • NVIDIA drivers for OS (385.41)

I’m also open to suggestions regarding GPU/HDX tuning through Citrix/AD policies and/or tools that might come in handy when testing/verifying GPU usage/performance in XenApp.

Hi toreskaara,

Thank you for posting your question on the GRID forums! When you say that you are doing the testing through a published desktop, do you mean that you are launching locally installed apps from within a virtual desktop running Windows Server 2016 (via XenApp)? Or are you launching XenApp hosted applications from Receiver within an end user VDI desktop such as Windows 10? Also Hardware Acceleration may not be enabled by default in your IE, so could you check this Microsoft article and compare your settings:

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Konstantin Cvetanov
Sr. Solution Architect

The only AD GPO you need applied for Graphics is:

Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Remote Session Environment > Use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions = Enabled

Without it, the XenApp server will not use the GPU.

As for the Citrix Policies, these will vary depending on the kind of experience you wish to provide. Apart from the "Target Frame Rate" and "Visual Quality" settings, "EDT" is well worth enabling as well, as the results are very good.


Hey guys,

there was no reply from the thread starter any more. I’m pretty sure that Ben’s suggestion did the trick. In Server 2016 IE is also working with GPU acceleration. Same applies to Office 2016 for sure.