GPU based video scaler


I see that there are a few options for video scaling / resizing. One option is to use software scaling option “videoscale” available with gstreamer by default. Another option is to use ffmpeg after cross compilation. The third option is to use nvvidconv plugin which is nVidia proprietary. I am trying to upscale 1080p to 4K and I get a performance of 10fps with ffmpeg and 23 fps with videoscale plaugin of gstreamer. I am trying to get 30fps performance and I am not able to get this using software scalers. I feel that accelerated scalers are the only option for me.

I was wondering if there is a GPU based video scaler/resizer available on Tegra X1. Can anyone shed some light on this?


Hi Pavan,
nvvidconv only supports downscale and not able to help your case. Could you share why upscale is required? Is it because you connect to a 4K hdmi TV?