GPU can not use when java calling

Hi, I have a problem when I used the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier to operation my deep learning model.
I have confirmed that all the necessary model can be operated by the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier , but the GPU can not use when calling from java (only CPU use ), I do not know what kind of reason cause this situation.

Thank you


May I know which frameworks do you use?
It’s recommended to check if your frameworks support Xavier GPU (sm=72) and ARM platform first.


hello, thanks for your reply
We did not use any frameworks in this case but only use the glassfish-servlet
Our architecture as below:

apache →(to call) → glassfish →(to call) →python →(to call) →Inference model

And when we use the terminate to call the python to operation the inference model directly, the GPU can be used as usual.

but when we use the java (from glassfish) to operation the inference model, the GPU can not be used.

We want to understand why this issue happen, is this issue happen because of our architecture ?

Thank you so much


by the way: the two ID of zhuoran.g and guozr123 is the same person