GPU chips

Would it be possible to purchase just the GPU by itself? Right now I’m using a power pc processor(in a stand alone product) and I’m interested in replacing it with a nvidia gpu. If it’s possible to buy the chip by itself, where would I find more information?

A GPU cannot run an operating system. You need a CPU for that.

If you meant to ‘totally’ replace your PC with a GPU, that’s not possible, bro! :blink: You need a processor which could run the driver for the GPU and handle the OS.
Always, GPUs are plugged-in (just like ethernet cards, audio cards, …) to your motherboard and after installing the appropriate driver softwares, one is ready to use them.

The GPU can’t run Linux? So a tesla supercomputer has a cpu in it?

All Telsa products, whether the discrete or the rack mount version, are just effectively single or arrays of PCI express bus cards. They require a linux or windows host with a free PCI-e x16 slot.

I’m still wondering if it’s possible to buy the GPU chips by themselves. I want to put it on a customized board that plugs into pci express. I don’t need it for graphics, just computing.

It seems that you are trying to ask what I was in this thread:
The answer is NO, if this GPU will be your first GPU to be plugged into the motherboard.

Actually, the poster appears to be asking for the bare chips… this is how NVIDIA actually supplies GPUs. They sell the GPUs to the OEM vendors, who build the rest of the board around the chips. The OP could try negotiating something like this, although I believe that NVIDIA’s minimum batch size is something on the order of 100,000…

The problem here is that NVIDIA also does not publish documentation on the GPU chips at a low enough level to allow you to write your own drivers. Unless you are controlling to these boards with Win/Mac/Linux of the supported versions running on the supported CPUs, you are basically out of luck. (And if you are using an NVIDIA GPU with a supported operating system on a supported CPU, then you might as well just use the NVIDIA drivers and off-the-shelf hardware.)

Out of curiosity, are you allowed to say what you were thinking of doing with customized GPU boards?

I would love to use GPU chip set for my Humanoid Robot projects, I need to repackage the GPU to a smaller board, the new pc-cards will have 2 and 4 GPU on them.

I know there two Chinese, 3 Korean and 2 Japanese companies who make GPS chips sets, not sure how they compare against Nvidia.

If I can get the spec I will post on this form till there deleted