GPU Computing Webinar Series Free to attend training webinars starting April 15, 2009

GPU Computing – An Introduction
1.5 hours plus Q&A

NVIDIA presents an introduction to the basics of GPU computing using NVIDIA CUDA. Concepts will be illustrated with step-by-step walkthroughs of code samples, which can be readily compiled and run. Little or no prior GPU computing experience required.

Wednesday, April 15 2009 11am PDT
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Wednesday, April 29 2009 11am PDT
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Performance Considerations for CUDA Programming
1.5 hours plus Q&A

NVIDIA presents more advanced GPU computing and optimization considerations. Concepts will be illustrated using real code examples together with actual performance gains. Some experience with CUDA is recommended.

Wednesday, April 22 2009 11am PDT
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Wednesday, May 6 2009 11am PDT
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neat. What’s the interface like? Is a mic or telephone required?


I think you need to be able to listen via your browser but asking questions will be done via a chat interface.

That’s great; chat interface meaning text?


  1. Can I download the webseminar?
  2. Is the webseminar for free?

When I click on the “requirements” link, it correctly detects that I have flash on Linux. I went to, and the example applet seemed to render okay.

However, the actual site doesn’t seem to be working (see attachment). Unfortunately I couldn’t login and try until it was in progress…

I was at this presentation and would like to have the slides available please.