GPU / CUDA Meetup in New York City Thu 23 Dec '10 Show of hands? Anyone interesting in meeting u


Meetup to Discuss All Things GPU

I’m thinking of organizing an informal meetup of GPU enthisiasts in New York City (midtown) on Thursday 23rd December 2010, say, around 7pm.

Before I go off and make arrangements, I thought I’d get a “show of hands” from forum members who might want to attend.

If I get 5 or more people who are interested, I’ll make the arrangements. All will be welcome, whether they showed their hand or not!

– All the best, Shep

UPDATE 19 HOURS AFTER ORIGINAL POST: The “show of hands” tally so far (via the forum and as replies to e-mails I sent to interested parties on Sunday) is 4 people (including myself). As I say, if I get 5 or more I’ll start making arrangements (venue etc.) for the meetup.

UPDATE WED 22ND DECEMBER AT 10:00AM: I’ve only gotten 4 people to commit to coming, which is a little bit on the small side for a meetup. So no meetup in December, but I will try again in January 2011. And if that goes well, plan to have one meetup in NYC every month in 2011.

A little short notice for the holiday season, but definitely interested.

Sounds interesting. Let me know.