GPU data speed


Actually, I need to sum matrix, and calculate the average.
The data are from a camera (6004*7920), in 8 bits. Because of the amount of data, the GPU is the most efficient way to obtain a sum of 5 of those images.

For that, I use the example vectorAdd. I’m very very happy about the calculation time, it’s about 0.08ms against 700ms using the CPU (in sequential).

My problem is about the time to transfert data.
I copy 5 vectors from the CPU to the GPU, of 45 Mo, it’s about 225Mo, and I calculate a data speed transfert of 2 Go/s.
Then, I copy 1 vector of 90 Mo (unsigned short), and I calulate a data speed transfert of 1 Go/s.
Can you confirm ?

Moreother, is there a way to increase the data speed transfert, using an other memory ?

Thank you for your help !