GPU dedicated for CUDA. What are my options? (Detailed info)

I have the following -
Core i7 3770 (Ivybridge - Supports 3 independent displays … apparently)
GA-B75-D3H (B75 Chipset - Supports 3 independent displays … apparently … has VGA,HDMI,DVI)
GTX 650 (Kepler GPU - Supports 3 independent displays - 2 DVI and 1 mini HDMI)

Option 1, use the Intel HD 4000 in the Ivybridge to drive my displays, and use GTX 650 for CUDA.
Option 2, use the GTX 650 to drive my displays and get a second card. However, I have only 1 x16 port, and the other is a x16 port with x4 lanes.

So my questions are …
Can Intel HD 4000 and NVidia CUDA drivers co-exist? In both Windows and Linux?
If I end up with 2 GTX cards, can I dedicate one for display and one for CUDA? On both operating systems?

Has anybody done something like the above? Does anyone have suggestions on what caveats I should keep in mind etc?

In linux you can install the drivers and then specify in the xorg file on which gpu you intend to run the xserver.