GPU disappears after selecting Power Saving Mode in nvidia xserver

I am having issues with the nvidia drivers on my Dell 7740 with Quadro RTX 5000 Mobile and Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 630 (Mobile). I have had this issue occur on both of my active installations of ubuntu 19 and 20. I just repeated the issue with a fresh installation of ubuntu 20. Steps:

  • Install ubuntu 20.04
  • update
  • Install current recommended nvidia drivers (sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-455)
  • reboot
  • launch nvidia xserver
  • switch to power saving mode

After rebooting, it appears as though my computer does not recognize the gpu anymore.

I have searched around a good bit and tried various things, but every other description I have seen of similar blank nvidia xservers still detect their hardware etc, and nothing I have tried on either of the installations (blacklist files, uninstall/reinstall drivers) helped. Any advice?