GPU display ports are not working on Ubuntu 22.04 with an RTX 3070-ti

None of my display ports on my GPU are working. I made a stackexchange post about it summarizing my setup and things I’ve tried to fix the issue: drivers - Ubuntu 22.04 nvidia gpu immediately puts display port connected monitors in standby mode - Ask Ubuntu.

Additionally, I tried loading into a fresh boot from a flash drive to try to force the display ports to work independently of the driver I chose but it still fails. This idea failing makes me feel the GPU is broken, but I would like some help figuring out what steps to take next.

I’ll attached my recent nvidia-bug-report.log.gz from running the bug report script in a follow up post. Nvidia’s filter thinks my post is spam when I include it in the same post as the stackexchange link. I hope it might be insightful. I haven’t seen any remarkable errors.

I would like some help figuring out what’s going wrong with my setup. Thanks!

Attached nvidia-bug-report-log mentioned above.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (294.0 KB)

No errors in the logs, software setup seems fine.
If you only connect one diplayport monitor and then power on the computer, are the bios messages displayed on it?

No post shows up, nor any messages. The monitor plugged in via any displayport remains in standby mode.

So this points to defective hardware. Might be either the monitor’s displayport, cable or the nvidia gpu.

I think I agree at this point. I think I can further conclude the gpu is the issue because I’ve tried three different display port cables and tried putting the display ports in my other monitor. Never has the display port worked, so unless all 3 cables and the 2 monitor display ports are broken… it seems more likely it’s the gpu.

Yes, I think this is the conclusion, send in for warranty.

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