GPU Driect RDMA support in Windows

Does GPU Driect RDMA works in Windows OS ?
I search on the Web and have not find anything that can confirm that GPU direct RMDA works in Windows. or at least I cannot find any documentation for this subject.
I installed the latest Nvidia Driver for Windows but I cannot find anything neither.

I’m looking for a way to call nvidia_p2p_get_pages(), nvidia_p2p_put_pages() or equivalents in kernel driver for Windows

Any helps would be appreciated. Thanks

It is not supported on windows.

Are there any plans to make Direct RDMA available on Windows at any time in the future?

In general, you won’t find NVIDIA representatives commenting on future plans on these forums. Yes, you may find exceptions here and there, but in general it is not what the forums are for.

If you’d like to see a change in CUDA capability, you can file a bug to make such a request. The bug filing instructions are linked at the top of this forum in a sticky post. You might wish to use the word “enhancement” in the description.

Hello Robert,
This is the kind of answer I actually expected, but I gave a try anyway :)

Changes in Version 418.81
The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved
in this driver version.
Fixed Issues

  • [Quadro P1000/P2000]: Implemented and enabled TCC for the referenced products in order to support Windows 10 RDMA.

    Thank you Juan, Robert,
    this does look interesting