GPU exhaust error in Fundamentals of Deep Learning workshop from Deep Learning Institute

Greetings of the day,

Today i attended a wonderful Deep Learning session. While performing its assessment i am facing an error which says “ResourceExhaustedError”. I am trying to resolve this issue for over an hour now. I am attaching a screenshot of the error as well. Due to this error i am facing difficulty completing the assessment on time. If i am will not be able to complete the assessment on time, today before 7:30pm, i may not be able to get certificate.

Kindly look into it as soon as possible, and suggest a solution.

Aditi Verma

Hi @aditi21300,

Thanks for reaching out. We have the team looking into this issue now. Thanks for your patience.


Hi @aditi21300 , thanks for flagging. The error statements seem to indicate that the GPU has run out of memory (OOM). This can be resolved by clicking the grey circle with a white square in it under the folder icon. This should list all active kernels of the notebooks, and shutting down a few of them should resolve the memory issue.

Hope that helps resolve the issue, please feel free to reach out if not.
All the best,