GPU Fan ON when using headless pc

I am using a i7 4th gen with ubuntu 18.04 conected to a gtx 1650 with 470 drivers.

I install ubuntu as drivers as normal, the nvidia-smi command showed some MBs used (as should due to graphics). Since I do not want to maximize resources, and no monitor will be connected to this pc, I deleted the desktop environment with:

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop
sudo apt purge ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-gnome-desktop gnome-shell -y
sudo apt-get remove gdm
sudo apt autoclean -y
sudo apt autoremove -y

After this, I notice that the after booting, the GPU was fully using the fans, as is the drivers where not installed., so I used nvidia-smi command to check is there was a problem, but everything was ok. I also notice that the GPU was using 0 MB/3987MB (GPU 1650 have 4gb).

Since I am using the server for deep learning inference with python and torch, I installed CUDA11.4 cudnn, python3 y torch. when using the torch’s sentece

$ python3
>>> import torch
>>> torch.cuda.is_available()

The GPU stop using the fans. And I noticed with nvidi-smi command that the usage was 3MB/3987MB.

I kept this console openned for a while, and only after quitting the python console with CTRL+C, the GPU turnned the FANS ON agains. I did notice again that the usage in the GPU was 0MB again.

I want to stop this behaivor, since I think the life of the GPU will be reduced for keeping the FANS ON all day. What should I do? I tried to bash a file in crontab when rebooting to start a python console, and this worked for stopping the GPU FANS, but i think this is just a ugly patch. I am sure that somewhere can be configured the GPU to not used fans when 0MB are used.

Thanks in advance for your help.