GPU for continuous object detection



I would like to know if anyone knows which nVidia GPU to buy in order to perform AI-object detection real-time 24/7.
It should be capable of processing images at 40FPS @ 1600x1300res. The RTX 3090 does not perfectly but I need
three of these system too and as I understand the RTX 3090 does not enjoy a 24/7 run. I utilize 75% of the GPU.

so 40FPS @1600x1300 x 3 system, full time GPU processing @ min 75%
If it is possible to have 1 GPU do it all would be nice.

greatfull for any ideas and discussions

Sorry that you have not had any response this this post.
How much GPU memory do you need ? Have you checked the memory utilization on the 3090, if you are able to achieve the performance with less memory then opens up to more options.
Our professional RTX line are designed for 24/7 operation : Graphics Cards for Professional Desktop Workstations | NVIDIA you may want to look through some of these.
Best of luck.

Hi, I will check and get back to you on the memory situation…

What I would like to know also, after checking the A6000, is that the spec looks very similar to 3090 yet the
price is huge difference. Also the Spec on the coming Titan V looks also less or equal to 3090. What is the reason for
this? Why should I choose the A6000 instead of 3090?

Yes the workstation cards are alot more, A6000 are from our workstation range, and have been designed and built for 24/7 operation, I believe it also has twice the memory and features ECC - which are things only you can access the value.

You can find more details here :

Depending on you application you may be able to use one of the other professional cards.

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