GPU for Matlab simulations

What type of GPU can I use to run simulations in cluster with Matlab using the Parallel Toolbox?

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Any recent GPU (last 3 years) should be recognized by MATLAB.

MATLAB usually only offers a limited range of built in MATLAB GPU functionality via the Parallel Toolbox, like basic BLAS operations and FFT(s).

In other words I think it is unlikely that you will just toggle a flag and get your existing custom MATLAB code to utilize the GPU capabilities for simulations.

Usually MATLAB users will write CUDA code, then call that application functionality via a DLL (mex interface) passing over the input data and receiving the output results upon completion. This is much faster than the same operations done through the Parallel Toolbox.

There is much information about that here:

and one of my old MATLAB/CUDA projects as an example here: