GPU frequency showing as 0

I am running a process which require both cpu and gpu, and I am monitoring it using tegrastats. According to the tegrastats utility for “GR3D_FREQ X%@[Y1,Y2]”, the Y is referring to the “Frequency of GPU’s two GPCs in megahertz, Y1 and Y2 correspond to the first GPC and the second GPC of GPU”. Whereas my Y always show 0 during my execution as shown in the picture below:

What is the possible cause of this? Would it affect my performace?

Running tegrastats as sudo first.

hello, I am running with sudo

Please check GR3D2_FREQ.

What’s the difference between GR3D2 and GR3D, I cannot find any related information on Tegrastats Utility — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation.

I think I have found out their difference in Reported Statistics, and I found other similar issues like

  1. jtop shows 2 GPUs on Jetson Orin NX 16GB · Issue #362 · rbonghi/jetson_stats · GitHub
  2. Gpc1:off

I am on a jetson orin nx 16gb

with MAXN mode turn on, but I think that my gpc1 is not functioning correctly, is this a bug from tegrastat?