Gpu is a virus?

As weird as it sounds i think my gpu is a virus? My p102-100 reads in nvidia settings,if its in slot 2. But never slot 1. Also it says 10gb instead of 5gb? It lists nvidia fb, and open source driver. Also everytime its in the system my entire os’s wifi across boots is disabled. I did a full aystem reinstall
… wifi is still broken. Going to try removing the card but is this common for that card? Is there a way to make it work? Cause 10gb and more cores is faster than my works fine p104…

Is there amy way i can utilise this card without it disabling my wifi? I had 2 gpus in one system before (neither a p102) and they never disabled wifi.

Hi there alinuxuser,

You might want to try with official NVIDIA drivers from our web site and follow the instructions and possible troubleshooting. I would suggest Quadro GP100 drivers, that is the closest mainline GPU to your product.
But since your GPU is a rather unusual card your results will vary.

But unless there is a defect on the GPU itself, it should not negatively influence other components on your motherboard like WiFi.