GPU is present but X-Server did not Work with it ...... GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Sorry that is an Support Case and not rarely a Developer Case.
But the Chat Support redirects my to this website

My old Laptop - an Acer Black Edition with optimus double GPU - have reach its mechanical lifetime.
I have now an Dell Inspiron … Dell Inspiron 15 7567 - Ultra HD i7-770
I have installed Opensuse 42,3 with the default KDE/Plasms Setup.
The I have Stored an set of installed s oftware with the Yast2 tool and load all my selected software on the new Engine.

The Opencl works … but the X Server runs in an extreme Slow mode.

I have try the NVIDIA installer Script - same Result
I have try the NVIDIA - Beta Installer - it creates a black screen …

My X-Server runs in Versa Mode without Direct Buffer access … which is rearly slow with my 4K Screen

Where can i upload this nvidia-bug-report.log.gz?
By the way, it contains some binary stuff … so i must consider my VPN Keys as CC NSA :-/
Well a reason to change the Key size to 8kBit. I think its Time to do so …
Always the same … everything works perfect except the GPU
Frustrating …

Ah Ok … after postig i can upload some files …
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (100 KB)

The problem is the intel gpu. Since it’s a sky/kaby lake a newer kernel is needed, use something like 4.9 and up.
I don’t know if leap has a backported i915 module for the 4.4 kernel that would support the newer gpus but I don’t think so.
Once the intel is running you will have to configure it since this is an Optimus laptop, use Prime or Bumblebee.