GPU load meaning in tegrastats utility


I have checked nvidia tegrastats utility document here.

It says GR3D_FREQ is the GR3D engine load/utilization in percentage at current frequency.

Does TX2 iGPU have no GR2D or other GPU engine? so that I can check overall GPU usage just by checking the GR3D utilization rate.

If that so, where is that number came from? tegrastats utility source code is not publicly opened and I found some articles this and this.

I seems that tegrastats utility just reads some sysfs nodes. then does anyone know how the number is calculated in sysfs node? (things like busy_cycle/idle_cycle)

Should I ask this question to L4T kernel developers?

Many thanks

hello tjals374,

TX2 series use Pascal GPU architecture.
the tegrastats utility report the usage percentage (i.e. loading) per the GPU frequency in MHz.
you may also check sysnode, i.e. /sys/bus/platform/devices/17000000.gp10b/devfreq/17000000.gp10b/

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Hi JerryChang,

Does usage percentage(loading) means busy cycle/total cycle?

Thank you

hello tjals374,

yes, please note that the total cycle based-on the current GPU frequency.

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