GPU Memory Usage & CUDA 2 Errors

The SloMo and In-Paint features both require large amounts of GPU memory so you may find situations where they cannot complete. In somes cases this happens with a CUDA 2 error. We’re working on updates to address this.

If you come across this, you can reduce the memory usage by:
In-Paint: reduce the image and mask size
SloMo: Reduce the input size and/or reduce the number of inserted frames

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I can’t get SloMo to work with 1920x1080 with a single inserted frame. I get the error you describe.

Is that to be expected then? This on a RTX 2080 TI.

It seems to happen with the first pair of frames it tries to create slomo frames for.

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I’d like to use this on 5760*2880 video content (4x framerate increase) but GPU memory is blocking me.
From my rough calculations (considering SD video is barely working on a 8GB Quadro RTX 4000) I’ll need over 128GB of video memory to handle my content… Are there plans to reduce memory usage?


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@Andrew_Page was this ever fixed?

Using SloMo on an RTX 2080 TI I can’t even get three frames added on a 960x480 video. That’s… Pretty bad. No?

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i’m using the RTX2070, i can use SloMo to get two frames added on a 960*540 video. i understand that this feature is still under construction, but i really hope NV can release a demo or sth for ordinary people to experience it .
so, any progress on this issue now ?

at slomo frame = target fps output? i try use frame 2 - 60 cuda error 2 , my file 1920x1080 30fps i use rtx 2060