GPU MHZ Utilization


I am developing a monitoring agent for GPU cards that is capable of providing real-time telemetry using CUDA and NVML libraries.

I’m a GPU programming newbie and I want to understand a little more about GPU core operation vs how Intel/AMD CPU cores work.

One formula that can be used for CPUs is (cpumhz or Workload average peak CPU utilization (MHz)) as follows:

((CPUSPEED * CORES) /100) * CPULOAD = Workload average peak CPU utilization

More details are here

So would it be correct that the same can be applied to GPUs using the same thing. The exception would be CUDA cores/shaders in place of “CORES” or could I just multiple the current clock speed by the actual gpu clock usage being that a GPU has a core clock for its 1000s of cores/shaders.