GPU not available under Windows Remote Desktop


I have a Windows 10 machine with the following GPU cards:

  • Quadro K620
  • Geforce GTX 980

I installed CUDA toolkit 7.5 to use CUDA under remote desktop. However, when I connect to this machine via remote desktop the devicequery sample only lists the K620. I tried using the drivers installed with the toolkit and the latest driver for the GTX 980 but I am still only seeing the K620 over RDP. I tried disabling the K620 in the device manager but still I can’t see the 980 over RDP. The only way I got the 980 to show up in the devicequery sample is by physically removing the K620.

Is this a known issue?

Are there any known incompatibilities between these two cards?

Is there anything else I can try to get the two cards working?

I’m looking for an answer