GPU online deals and/or availability thread

eVGA has GTX480’s on their site.
This is the first time to see GTX480 availability for a while!
They have some GTX470s as well.

Tiger direct has a new batch of GTX470s.

Newegg still has one GTX470.

Why are the eVGA ($520) cards so much more expensive than the ZOTAC ($350) cards? Other brand prices vary widely too…?

You are comparing a GTX 480 to a GTX 470 card.

Yup! Doh! Although I did notice the eVGA 470 cards were slightly more expensive $389 vs. $349. Just brand loyalty I guess?

Brand loyalty or overclocking. Some vendors, like EVGA, segment their supply of a particular GPU into 2 or more categories, with increasingly higher chip clock rates and increasingly silly names. (Overclocked, superclocked, “for the win”? :) )

Anyone? :unsure:

I think no one has answered definitely because it might be on the edge if your other peripherals’ power requirements are also high.

If you are sure your power supply has a separate “rail” of 24A that is entirely dedicated to PCIe then I would go out on a limb and say it should work as long as it’s the only PCIe card in your system. 24A * 12V = 288W which should cover the GTX 470’s reported 215W requirement.

Be aware that you need two 6-pin PCIe connectors.

Whatever the case, you should look at your power supply’s specifications closely to convince yourself that it can deliver enough 12V supply to your CPU and the GTX 470.

GTX470s are now widely available, so no need to follow them anymore.
GTX480’s are still scarce, though. Newegg had some today but are now gone. Tiger Direct also had them today.

Great new deal…

AMD released their new 6-core Phenom II chips this week. They perform very well, though not up to i7-980x levels, they cost much less.

For the next few days you can get the chips for just $150 (!) with a rebate. You can get even an extra $24 if you use Bing cashback.

Such a CPU would pair very nicely with the aging but can’t be beat GPU-bang-for-buck MSI motherboard. This is a really special board because it has onboard GeForce 8200 video, and three PCIe slots for double-width cards in x16 x8 x8 configuration. Combine the hexacore with this motherboard and you have an amazingly affordable but ultra-powered crunch box. The built in video really boosts this motherboard’s utility as a GPU cruncher since you don’t need to waste a slot for a display card.

Yes, this would be a great deal if it was real. TigerDirect is not a reliable reseller. I think they may have had a few CPUs at this price, but now the deal seems to have gone the way of their $35 GTS 250s.

Hot Deal at NewEgg: MSI N240GT-MD1G/D5 GeForce GT 240 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 for $60 after $30 MIR.

1GB of GDDR5 is quite nice. 96 cores and Compute Capability 1.2. A good CUDA card that doesn’t require additional power.

What do you know - the Phenom II 1055T Six Core is available today with the $50 rebate.

Looks like there is stock almost everywhere now but I’m now seeing cards being sold for below list and without coupons or MIRs.

Example: EVGA GTX 470 for $339 with free shipping.

PNY GT240, 512MB GDDR5, $60 (after $20 MIR), free shipping. These cards do really well with applications like NAMD. Unfortunately the MIR means you can only buy one at this price.

4/6 and 4/7: Galaxy GT 240 1GB GDDR3, $40 (after MIR). The good news is that the terms of the MIR allow purchasing two at this price.

Edit: Just bought two of these. They had an online rebate page which auto-generated the form. I chose to pay the “no wait fee” (actually 5-7 days vs. 8-10 weeks) of $4 dollars which reduced my rebate amount from $50 to $46 for the two cards. The payment will be in the form of a prepaid cash card.

A 1kW modular power supply (with lots of blinky lights) + a GTX 470 gets you a $20 instant rebate: link

Our hefty GPU systems need a hefty UPS that can supply the amps needed.

Here’s a great deal on a 1300VA, 790 watt APC UPS, for only $90.

I have not used this UPS myself, but I did have problems with an even higher-rated 1500VA 900 Watt Cyberpower UPS.

A GT240 with 1GB of GDDR5 is available for $60 again here. There is a $30 MIR but this deal also includes free downloads of PowerDirector 8 HE and Street Fighter IV. You can probably get some money back via Bing as well.

Yep, Bing cashback at Tigerdirect is at 15% now. That won’t last, and it will drop back to 8.3% or 12%. Then 15% will come back again on a month or so, etc.

GTX480’s are widely available now, but that 15% Bing means you can pick up a Galaxy GTX480 for just $425 or a GTX470 for just $297.50 now if you get that 15% Bing cashback.

Wow, this one is hard to beat!

Only $14.59 for a 9500GT! You need to jump through both a $25 rebate and 12% Bing Cashback to get this price, but it’s worth the 5 minutes of hassle.

This is a low power card, 40watts with terrible performance, but the idea is to use it for display-only while your twin GTX480s are cranking on real work.

Rebate form here. .