GPU rendering output the screen snapshot in a wrong way

I used the Paraview-5.6.0-MPI-Windowns-msvc2015-64bit to check out the new feature of IndeX plug in.
I was following the manual and have the Wavelet with RTDdata working with NVIDIA IndeX.
When I output a snapshot from the screen to a png file, I doubled the resolution in both length and width.
Interestingly, in the png file I got, I have 4 cubics instead of 1 cubic (only one was showing in the paraview window).

So I did again by increase the resolution in both length and width 3 times, so I get picture output with 9 cubics.
When I output the screen with default resolution, everything is fine.

It seems by changing the resolution (only increase above default), the rendering will give you duplicate objects in the final picture.

Could someone please take a look at this? I am happy to provide more proofs if needed.

Hello shihao0525,

Thanks for posting in the Devtalk forums. We have confirmed that this is a bug/missing feature.
Unfortunately, I do not have a timeline for when this will be addressed.

Best regards,