GPU rendering: vid memory required to hold scene and assets

Hi, I accidentally cross-posted in the GeForce forum. My question is this: at work I use 3dsMax with Vray. We want to use VrayRT-GPU, but our Quadro5000 cards can’t hold 16million polys and 1GB of textures, etc., in memory, so it defaults to system memory and is basically unuseable. With the Titan 6GB and K6000 12GB, maybe we can, but the K6000 may be overkill -I don’t know, and IT may freak at the price. Is there a formula to calculate all your scene assets to determine your memory needs? Thanks.

That question should better be addressed to the software vendors. It’s not possible to answer this reliably without knowing the software’s core implementation.
The amount of memory required for ray tracing on the GPU is highly dependent on the acceleration structures used and the actual implementation, for example if it supports paging of the data.