GPU resource balancing during running CloudXR

I met a problem when using CloudXR on multiple VMs on same host.

When I running a VM(called VM1) with CloudXR and our 3d rendering program, performance is maximum which is keeping 72Hz on refresh rate, but when I start another VM(on same host, not even need login to windows) at same time, the refresh rate on VM1 will limited at 60Hz rather than 72Hz.

I did some search on the internet and asked my friends for this, it seems caused by GPU dynamic resource balancing, on our VMs they already have license, but I don’t know how to check if there’s a balancing feature.

I am not familiar operations, so if anyone help me on this it will be super apperciate!


Are you using GRID? If so you can adjust the scheduling policies. More information can be found here: Virtual GPU Software User Guide :: NVIDIA Virtual GPU Software Documentation